Lillian Smith

Lillian Smith (Board Member)

Began her professional career in the television broadcasting industry. She contributed seventeen years with the Emmy Award winning “talk/news” television experience in the broadcasting industry, specializing in television production and development of television series and documentaries. In 1992 while producing the Donahue Show, Ms. Smith teamed up with Phil Donahue as Coordinating Producer for PBS Television’s Presidential Special:  “The Issue Is Race: A Crisis in Black & White, which was selected to air in classrooms across the United States to have our youth understand the issue of race in America.

Ms. Smith launched two national television programs. In 1993, Ms. Smith accepted an offer to become the Executive Producer for Fox Television in Los Angeles, California to launch a new “talk show” featuring actress/comedian “Mo Gaffney,” as host. The show successfully launched on a national basis in September 1993.